Ozlem Pty Limited is a privately owned Australian company which provides premium quality doner kebabs & packaging products throughout Australia. The Ozlem Kebabs story begun in Sydney’s western suburb at Canley Vale in 1985. Originally a Turkish immigrant by the name of Abdullah had established a caravan. From there he had introduced and sold the first kebabs in Australia. The two Kara brothers had just migrated to the country at the tender age of 14. They were involved in numerous amounts of jobs across Sydney, until they came across Abdullah. From there they had excelled in the art of making doner kebabs.To this day, Ozlem Kebab & Packaging Supplies P/L had innovated several ideas into the Kebab manufacturing industry. With the use of international ideas & machinery from Europe’s kebab capital Germany, they were able to produce the finest quality products of doner. The other idea includes distribution of all packaging ranging from frozen goods, dairy products, containers and cleaning products. They value every customer and are grateful for its operations to have dramatically increased, as now its distribution network runs Australia wide. There daily & reliable service to different parts of NSW, such as Newcastle, Canberra, Dubbo & Tamworth is highly credited.

    The business moved into wholesale distribution of meat & packaging in 2001and now has a strong presence throughout Australia in this field. There are other members of Ozlem Group and its Distributors located in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Darwin has significantly grown to distribute kebabs manufactured by Ozlem. Branded food service packaging includes kebab bags, cheese, yoghurt, chicken shish and falafel to name a few. In total Ozlem Kebab & Packaging Supplies P/L stock and distribute over 300 various products to suit any needs of a kebab store, caravan or takeaway shop.

    Key elements of our success include:

    • Our strong presence in both the Kebab manufacturing and Packaging segments
    • Our shared commitment to all wholesaling & retail sectors
    • Our focus to use the latest technology to produce better quality products for our customers
    • Our loyalty towards strong customers service values
    • Our innovative thoughts in introducing new products and campaigns to the market at great value