Privegi is a Vegan food company manufacture Vegan food for its customers joined Ozlem Group in 2018. Privegi factory located is in Turkey and Australia .
    Riyaz Spices have joined Ozlem group in 2017. Riyaz Spices have great range of spices and mixes. Riyaz Spices delivers Spices through Australia to its customers.
    We are excited to announce that We have joined NAFDA in 2014! NAFDA is a leading foodservice procurement and marketing company with a history extending over five decades.
    2011 Prime Food Choice joined Ozlem Group. Prime Food choice mainly Produces Small goods such as Falafel,Gozleme,Cabanossi and Famous Prime Mediterrenean Yoghurt.
    The Ozlem Kebabs story begun in Sydney’s western suburb at Canley Vale in 1985. Originally a Turkish immigrant by the name of Abdullah had established a caravan. From there he had introduced and sold the first kebabs in Australia.