Chicken kebab, is made from chicken Maryland and in some cases breast. Chicken pieces are coated with herbs & spices before they are pierced onto the spit. This is a much lighter taste then the doner but it goes great with any sauce as extras.


    Döner kebab, is lamb meat which is filleted and compressed onto a large spit, forming a long cylindrical shape. Döner kebab is rich and flavourful, as it is cooked slowly and bastes itself in its own juices. Vegetables such as tomatoes or onions are placed on top of the spit to keep the meat moist and add extra flavour.


    Yaprak kebab, is special meat which is marinated and tenderized through a machine. This almost has the taste of thinly cut pieces of steak; it’s not too chewy or hard. The flavours to best complement it would be zesty lemon and oregano spices.