Ozlem food service head office is located at Greenacre in Sydney’s western suburbs. The owned premise of 3500m², occupies a large production area which includes 5 freezers and 2 cool rooms with a capacity that can hold up to 40 pallets each. On one side of the factory is the warehouse which stores all the packaging products. There premises are quite easily accessible, with plenty of parking spaces out front for walk-in customers.

    Operating hours-
    Monday- Friday
    7:00 am- 5:00 pm

    No deliveries or pick ups are scheduled after 4:30 pm.

    1300 695 362

    21-25 Anzac St.
    Greenacre 2190 NSW
    ABN: 27 101 973 648

    +61(2) 9707 44 33
    +61(2) 9790 11 90

    info@ozlem.com.au General Enquiries
    production@ozlem.com.au Production Enquiries
    accounting@ozlem.com.au Accounting Enquiries
    sales@ozlem.com.au Sales Enquiries